Authorization is the instrument for external evaluation of compatibility of an institution with standards, certifying internal (self) evaluation. Authorization is obligatory for all types of educational institutions in order to carry out educational activities and to issue an educational document approved by the state.

  1. Educational Programmes The standard is met when:
  1. a) Each educational programme, which is approved by the authorised body of the institution, sets out programme mission, credit value, learning outcomes, methodology and relevant qualification. Programme is made up according to vocational education credit system, has coherent structure, provides for the system of evaluation of vocational students, which is envisaged by law in force, relevant programmes of study courses (syllabuses);
  1. b) The institution maintains the description of educational programmes (catalogue) providing the information concerning the institution, awarded qualifications, purposes, learning outcomes of relevant educational programme, credits and evaluation procedures;
  1. c) The learning outcomes of an educational programme is in line with Vocational Education Qualifications Framework and specific professional standards;
  1. d) The institution has in place the rules and procedures for the acquisition, suspension and termination of the status of a student, as well as the rules and procedures of student mobility and recognition of acquired education;
  1. e) The institution has in place the system of provision of further education to students of relevant programme in the case modification or cancellation of an educational programme;
  1. f) The institution has in place the system of evaluation of the implementation of an educational programme, the results of which are used for the improvement of the quality of the study process.
  1. Material Resources The standard is met when:
  1. a) The institution owns or possesses material resources, which are used for the attainment of the goals of the institution and are adequate to the educational programme, amongst them:
    1. a.a) premises of 400 square meters of area at a single address, except for the case, when the Authorisation Council makes a decision on the authorisation of an institution with less than 100 students.
    2. a.b) adequately equipped study area;
  1. b) The institution has adequate environment necessary for carrying out the educational process: uninterruptable power supply system, water closets, natural lighting and heating system;
  1. c) The institution library stock (both printed and on electronic media) is adequate to literature mentioned in the programmes of study courses (syllabuses) of an educational programme;
  1. d) Information and communication technologies are used both for educational purposes and management of the institution;
  1. e) The institution acts and correspondence are adequately accounted for and registered;
  1. f) The institution safeguards the safety and health of the staff and vocational students, to what end it has:

f.a) fire safety systems and fire fighting equipment;

f.b) evacuation plan, posted on a visible place;

f.c) medical aid media;

f.d) mechanisms for ensuring order.

  1. g) Institution environment is adapted to the requirements of vocational students with special educational needs;
  1. h) The webpage of the institution serves both informative and communication purposes; it contains contact data, as well as other information concerning standards (structure of the institution, educational programmes, staff, etc.). The data are updated on a regular basis as to guarantee the interest of obtaining information within reasonable timelines; i) The institution has long-term (six-year) and twelve-month action plans, which are based on the institution mission and also provide for efficient use and further improvement of material resources.
  1. Human Resources The standard is met when:
  1. a) Qualification of the institution staff is adequate to their offices;
  1. b) Educational programmes are carried out by teachers of adequate qualification. The institution has at least one teacher per 20 vocational students within the framework of a programme;
  1. c) Teachers of vocational education are selected commensurate with the requirements of the Law of Georgia and terms and conditions set out by the institution concerned; Employment agreements/appointment orders are executed commensurate with the procedure, established by Georgian legislation.